Great Times With a Great Friend

Having Lucas here over the past week has been nothing short of amazing. This was the first time we were collaborating together, spending an entire week taking in as much as we could in Sitka. Since we didn't work in the same medium, it was more about exploration and learning about his artistic process that really made a difference...and I wish we could do it all over again!

I had become very stuck in all this literature and hadn't really allowed myself to be fully present while I was walking around Sitka. Having someone whose sole focus was to be here helped me put all I had learned a little more into my subconscious, so that I could let that move me rather than feeling like every step I made was calculated. I loosened up. 

Ideas have been sprouting left and right and I can't wait to sit down and finally make something!

I met Jacquie who works as a soil scientist at the Forest Service here and she showed me an old mirror stereoscope that they would use instead of GIS to look at aerial photography. I had never seen anything like it before and it got me thinking about how things would be different if we were forced to look at aerial images from above rather than propped up on a screen. Would we become more aware of the distance maps can create?

 Can you spot us?

Can you spot us?


After a week of intensely looking, both through the camera and the drone (which I now can confidently fly), I am planning on spending more of my time listening and doing observational sketching in hopes it'll open up something different for me...I haven't sketched in so long! Let's hope I can manage to take in Sitka as slowly and deeply as possible, before anxiety about the future overwhelms me!



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