Back To School

It's been a hectic past few days. I spent over 36 hours between airports and planes to get from Sitka back to Middlebury and was expected to immediately tune into the campus vibe. I don't think my 18 year old self saw myself finishing off college like this--bleary eyed and missing my last first day of school. Comfortable with being lost. 

I had all these plans of how my last semester was going to go but that obviously all went down the drain the moment I set afoot on campus. Something I love about college is the lack of a climax. I feel encouraged to experiment and fail over and over again without the expectation of production. Even though I had the amazing opportunity to go to Sitka, I feel less compelled to create art with that as a central theme and just let that experience seep into what I make. 

Both my art senior seminar and environmental studies senior seminar are forcing me to reflect on my intentions and the history that led me to this point and that has helped me focus a bit. It helped me remember that time is scarce and very precious right now.

I can't afford to let it slip by.

Nicole Cheng1 Comment