Finding Time To Dream

It's been over a month since I've taken the time to collect my thoughts. 

In that time I've managed to electrocute myself six times, have my heart broken, reconnect with old friends and witness the world turn a chilling blue for a total of two minutes and twenty seconds.


To give you all an update on what has happened with my project at Franconia, it's done. Almost.

I was able to weld most of the structure and paint it, with just a few tweaks here and there I need to get done when I fly back in late September. It's been hard for me to really understand what went on in the time I fully disappeared into Franconia. But instead of trying to dissect everything right at this moment, I'm just going to let the memories simmer for just a while longer. Hopefully it'll all make a little more sense when I go back and gain a firmer sense of closure.

Today is my first day in Sitka and though I'm technically not supposed to hang around the hostel between ten and six, Mona let me stay in because of my cold. So now I'm in this bizarre situation where I'm supposed to make my presence as small as possible and act as sick as I can as and when the owner comes to check up on the attic.  Cool. 

I thought I knew what I was doing before I got here and now that I'm here everything that was once neatly bound into books has now unraveled in ways I cannot grasp. If I'm not careful it feels like time will slip away from me again and I can't let that happen.

About three hours until I can walk around like a free person again... but for now I'm going to sit on my lime crocheted blankets and try to piece together the dreams I had that led me to this place.

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