First at Franconia

You cannot predict the future. You can only be prepared for the worst and welcome with open arms the gifts you receive along the way.

On the first day of Fall I finally finished my sculpture at Franconia and could not be happier. I hit the ground running the moment I set foot in the Park and managed to paint the entire sculpture pink (which I did not foresee having the time to do). I got to claim back a place with good memories, with old and new friends. All the anxiety on the way from Vermont went away.

The very same day I found out I didn't get chosen to compete for a fellowship I had applied for, and was furious about how a previous relationship had deteriorated even further. Emotions bubbled over in a weird mixture of anger and elation. I was then asked by the head of the Park, to deliver the silicone mould of a GIANT NIPPLE that had been part of a sculpture my now art professor had made. A professor, mind you, who had been very sassy and stamped a big fat NO on my forehead earlier this week in hearing about my ideas for projects. I also crashed my drone into a tree and nearly had a heart attack while AJ the hero of the day climbed 10 feet into the tree to save it.

Such is the Franconia life.

I am so thankful to AJ, Matt F, Amber, Kendra, Matt M, Angela, Jordan and of course John for being there these past few days and making me come alive in a way I haven't for too long.  Also a shoutout to my parents and sister who have been supportive even though I don't talk too much about what I do.

I don't know when I'll be back at Franconia but I am excited to see what has changed when I return. There is so much that lies ahead that it's hard to wrap my head around sometimes. I guess I just gotta keep going!  


Nourished from the best food truck around with lemongrass tea and leaving with a new perspective on the place...quite literally!

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